An enlargement is increasing or decreasing a shape by a given scale factor around a specific centre of enlargement. To perform an enlargement on a shape, navigate to the enlargement tab in the tab controller, select the shape you wish to enlarge (it should become highlighted) and then:

Enlargement Window
  1. Select the scale factor you wish to enlarge by in the drop-down menu.
  2. Type in the centre of origin for enlargement (numerical values only.)
  3. Select a time duration for the animation in the drop-down menu.
  4. Press the “Execute” button.

Once executed a yellow ghost shape identical to the selected shape will be produced and perform the enlargement. A black marker point will also spawn to indicate the location of enlargement.

  1. Here you can draw ray lines, drawing ray lines allows you to visually see the enlargement. To draw the ray lines, select a shape, press the button and then click on the grid. Drawing will automatically stop once you have drawn all the lines.
  2. Here you can toggle the visibility of enlargement ghost(s) and ray line(s).
  3. Here you can delete all the enlargement ghost shape(s) from the grid.
  4. Here you can delete all the ray line(s) drawn from the grid.