The program may refer to a shape (image) as being “ghost” a ghost shape is a transformed shape from the original and is normally indicated by its translucency. Each ghost shape is coloured specific to the type of transformation applied to it.

Spawned shape

A spawned shape, is a shape which has been produced (spawned) and placed onto the grid.

Connection String

A connection string is a line of text, used by the database to link your computer with the database. The connection string, will specify both the type of link (connection) and the location (directory) of the database to link to.

Radio Button

A radio button is a type of circular button, one of a set of options, only one of which can be selected at any time.

Guest Account

A guest account, is given to a user who does not have an account or who is not logged into their account. A guest account can be shared by multiple people and has no specific owner. The purpose of a guest account is to still allow a user access to most of the programs main features. Although, none of their results will be saved, as the account is not specific to the individual.

Snapping to Grid

Snapping to grid, is when the shapes on the grid can only be placed exactly on a grid line (meaning they must have an integer coordinate.) This means moving a shape around on the grid will cause it to “Snap” to the grid lines.

Pan around the grid

“Panning” around the grid, refers to the action of moving around the grid either in the X or Y direction.

Drop down menu

A drop-down menu is a type of menu, which when clicked on, will reveal a list (menu) of other options; allowing the user to select a single option from a list.

Alias Name

An Alias name in relation to the program, is the users real name. An account, will have both a User name and an alias name. A user name can be non-sensical and used primarily for the program to identify users. Alternatively, an accounts alias name is the student or teachers real name and is used to help an end user distinguish the account holder.


Analytics on an account, is the data or statistics stored about that account.