Your help is needed!

Reading Buses have now got a new API feed, you'll need to change your API Keys for us.

Don't worry, everything will still work afterwards!

Reading Buses Have A New API Feed!

Reading Buses have retired their old API It has now been replaced with the following API feed, found here:

Okay, so lets begin...

Step 1

If you haven't already, goto the new website here and create a brand new account. It might take a little time for your account to be approved so please be patient.

Once you've got an account and logged in find your API Key and copy this to be used later!

Step 2

Next SSH connect to your Raspberry Pi using Putty and once connected enter in the following command to edit the start up script.


Doing this will open up a text editor, next you should see something similar to the below. Find where there is a "-k" and then delete the old key after it. Replacing it with your brand new key from the new API we copied earlier. Make sure there is a single space between the "-k" and your key.

sudo python3 ~/Bus-Departure-Board/ -k CHANGE-ME -s RDG123

Make sure to save your changes!

Press 'Ctrl + x', then 'y' and 'Enter' to save the file. You should now be returned back to the main terminal screen.

Finally turn it off and on again!

Now we just need to restart your device and it should all work!

sudo reboot

Please give your device 2min to fully restart, once restarted it should now be running the new version of the program, Version 3.0.X!

And that's it! Thank you very much for taking the time to change to the new API feed.

All future updates from now should continue updating automatically in the background without you even knowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the via message different?

The new API feed no longer provides a "Via" message with the service at each stop. So instead this is made dynamically from the other data within the API. There are several settings you can use to edit the Via message generated. Please look at the
"--ViaMessageMode" for full details.

I've already changed my API key why do I keep seeing this message?

If you've never been able to see real data double check you have entered in your key correctly and try a new stop. If you are only occasionally seeing this message it is most likely that there are currently "No Scheduled Services" found for the stop, so this generic error message is being used instead temporarily to give people a chance to update. It will be removed in a month, thank you for your patients.