Downloading and installing the program is fully explained on this project's website, which can be found here. Essentially you will need to clone the Github repository which can be found here.

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General Information

This project contains four different live Departure Boards, one uses the Reading Buses API and can be used to provide live data for any bus stop in Reading. One uses the Transport API and allows you to get live data from any bus stop in the whole of the UK for any bus service. Another program is able to get data from the National Rail API and allows you to get live data from any train station in the UK. The final allows for you to get live data from any London Underground station. For full information on how to set up and use these programs first look at this project's website before reading this Documentation.

About Me

Hello, this project was originally sparked after seeing a similar concept online and I wanting to learn how to use a Pi properly and communicate with hardware using Python. As such this project is now released for anyone else who may want to build their own live departure board.

Thank you for using one of my projects,

Jonathan Foot