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Lead MSci Computer Science Course Rep
In my third year at university I volunteered to become the Lead MSci Computer Science Course Rep. It was my role to represent all students on my course, raising any comments, complaints or feedback in the school Learning Community Forum (LCF) Meetings with staff at the university. A particularly important role with the university adapting to a blended learning approach due to COVID.

C++ Hall of Fame, COMP2006
In my second year at university I partook in the C++ Programming Module, COMP2006. The final assessment for the module tasked me to create a video game using an adaption of the popular framework, SDL2. I attained 96% for the module and earnt a place in the C++ Hall of Fame 2019/2020, by the module convener, Dr Jason Atkin.

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Department for Transport Bus Open Data Consultant
Following on from my work in the summer of 2018 working with bus open data, I was asked by the Department for Transport to provide feedback on the upcoming national bus open data website. I provided feedback via video call and shared my desktop screen remotely. I was asked to perform a selection of different tasks around the site and I provided feedback on any areas I thought could be improved.

World Class School - World class student ambassador
While at UTC Reading, I was selected by my college Principal to join a select team of students to bid for a World Class Schools quality mark; a task which can only be achieved by the students. During the process we had to work to strict time constraints and work harmoniously as a team to produce the bid document and a supporting video. We have since found out our application has been successful, earning UTC Reading a World Class School quality mark.

Jonathan and the other World Class Student Ambassadors at UTC Reading.
  • Specially selected by college Principal to join a select team of students from all year groups in the college.
  • Worked harmoniously as a team to create a video and written document to bid for the award.
  • I took the lead in the film editing, ensuring I produced a video professional video matching all aspects of the submission requirements and within the strict time scale.
  • The award could only be earnt by the students, as such we worked unaided and independently from teachers or management.
  • We won the prestigious award for the college.
Jonathan holding an enlarged plane ticket, from the MOS competition.

MOS 4 Nations and World Championship
In 2017, I qualified for the UK & Ireland MOS 4 Nations Championship, a competition which tested contestants from across the UK at their proficiency of using Microsoft Office. In the Nationals I came 1st place in PowerPoint 2016 beating off 40,000 competitors. I then went on to represent the UK & Ireland in America, for the world championship- where I came in at 7th place.

The Brilliant Club
In 2017, I participated in the "Brilliant Club" program, which tasked me to write a university grade assignment on using machine learning (specifically K-means clustering) to sort a heterogeneous assortment of coins based upon their weight and diameter. As part of the program I learnt how to code K-means clustering in Octave with great success; a language which I had not used prior but quickly learnt. I obtained a First in the assignment, learning key skills such as referencing, structuring, researching and self-teaching.

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