Free teaching and testing tool for mathematical Transformations.

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The most upto date version of the program and easiest way to instal it and receive updates is through the Microsoft Store. If you are however running an old version of Windows, such as 7 or 8 you can download the .exe file under the release tab of the GitHub page or simply Click Here.

Scalable Four Quadrant Grid

All shapes can be placed onto a 4 quadrant grid which you can move around in and zoom in and out of!

Pre-drawn and Free-Form Shapes

There is a wide range of pre-made shapes or you can draw your own to demonstrate transformations.

Live Animations

Animations play out the transformation for you in real time making a lesson interactive and engaging.

Randomly Generated Exams For Students

There is a wide range of exams on all 4 types of transformations at two different difficulty levels. Students can track their progress.

Progress Monitor And Classes For Teachers

Teachers can assign students to classes, monitor a classes exam scores and export these out to Excel if needed.

Free! Open Source! Multi-Language Support!

This program is FREE, open source so anyone can view or improve upon the code if they wish and we now support multiple languages!

Read our documentation for information on how to use and maintain the program!





New Features

  • We've spotted you're downloading the program across the globe, so now we support multiple languages!
  • Branding Refresh!
  • Made troubleshooting tool easier to find.

Bug Fixes

  • Significant backend tidying up.
  • Some devices may experience a slight speed improvement.
  • Fixed the shape of the star.
  • Fixed snapping to grid.
  • Fixed saving as an image.
  • Fixed saving as a PDF.
  • Fixed opening a .shape file.
  • Create a file association with .shape files.
  • Removed depreciated features.
  • Updated support links.
  • Fixed some minor spelling issues and text placement.
  • Fixed minor grid colouring issue.


  • Added Program to the Microsoft Store.
  • Removed auto-updater.


  • Fixed Program auto-updater
  • Cleaned up program files
  • Stopped producing MSI Installer.